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    Went to see this doctor, I was referred by my general orthopaedic doctor for a complex elbow issue. This doctor is very skilled at listening to his patients and shows empathy for their issues. Great care all around, by the doc and his nurse.
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    The title says it all. From top to Dr. Hoepfners staff as well as where he does his surgeries and the other doctors who assist him during your procedure and after. I have had 4 Surgeries this past year and with Dr. Hoepfner I felt he spent the most time with me pre op and post op explaining everything. He would call my outside network pt at 8 pm to find out how I was doing and to keep on top of my progress and care. He operated on my hand when several other doctors had turned me down and the results are far better then I anticipated. This doc is the real deal he cares about his patients.
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    I have had a long ten months healing from a car accident. I had a severe distal radius wrist fracture and a compound thumb fracture. My first surgery was emergency. I was left with almost no movement in my wrist and thumb I could not pronate the best I could do was neutral almost. I went from doctor to doctor meeting after meeting while still in therapy looking for someone to give me some sort of hope and they all turned me down. Even Dr Hoepfners mentor that he trained under booted me. Then I found Dr. Hoepfner and wow he listened to me we talked about my expectations, they weren't much I just wanted him to try I knew all the risk I knew there would be pain in recovery and I knew it well. He asked me back to meet his nurse Jennifer bonus two for one super smart woman who is just as involved in your treatment as the doc is. We went through it again bounced around ideas, and approaches, outcomes. He told me the real stuff no one wants to hear its going to hurt, it could get worse, you are responsible for your recovery and you have to promise you will work hard. Then we did it... with the help of the Doc, Jennifer, and my hand therapist my hand although not back to normal is so much better. I have movement back and it feels like my hand not like a hand that was just attached to my arm!
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    Dr. Hoepfner operated on my hand for trigger finger. I had immediate relief and very little pain afterward. He was caring and took the time to answer all my questions. I had no complications and am very satisfied with the results.