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    I had emergency surgery to repair a broken wrist with a plate, screws, and pins while on vacation out of state last fall. When I returned home, I followed up with a Dr. 3 times (I actually never saw him, only his PA). The PA said that I was having problems and needed all of the hardware removed. I didn't feel comfortable having surgery with a Dr. who never cared to examine or even meet me despite being in the office each time I was there. Therefore, I switched to Dr. Peter Hoepfner, who was recommended by several friends. I scheduled an appt., and he ordered a CT scan to make sure my wrist was fully healed before opening it up again. Dr. Hoepfner, his asst Catherine, and his staff were all wonderful. My surgery went very well, and I am so happy that I switched to Dr. Hoepfner. Great surgeon, and such a kind man too. Everything was great from my first appointment to the last one!
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    After an incident playing hockey, I noticed that the recovery from the injury was going slower than normal. I sought an opinion and the first surgeon said that the distal torn bicep did not require surgery. This was based on my age of 50 even though it was stated that I would not recover from the injury. Dr H was sought as my second opinion and he recommended surgery. The life and lifestyles were the contributing factors. There was concern that the elapsed time after the incident may require extensive repair. I trusted Dr H with the repair. I was shocked that the repair did not require extensive reconstruction. I am 4 months after surgery and only 2 more months until I can resume playing hockey. Without Dr H I know my lifestyle would never be the same, now I know it will get back to normal soon.
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    Dr Hoepfner was amazing! Very thorough in explaining how to deal with the pain and what options were available. Explained surgery and recovery in detail - all spot on. I healed beautifully and have a small almost scar that is almost invisible already. Very pleased with everything - highly recommend!
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    I tore my distal bicep tendon clean off the bone in 2016. I selected Dr. Hoepfner based on reviews on this website and the fact that my procedure was reviewed by a previous patient. I would recommend Dr. Hoepfner 100% without hesitation. He knows is stuff, and speaks with you on a level that you will understand. He has a great bedside manor. His staff and team are great very professional and business like and treat you like family. 3 yrs. later my arm is stronger than before the accident.
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    I went to see Dr. Hoepfner due to carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist. Before seeing Dr. Hoepfner, I saw another orthopaedic surgeon who dismissed my symptoms. Dr. Hoepfner was friendly and patient as he listened to my symptoms. His PA was also very helpful and friendly. After performing a thorough exam, he diagnosed me with severe carpal tunnel syndrome. I work as a baggage handler for the airlines. He said that my condition was very severe and I needed surgery. He explained the procedure and answered all of my questions with care. My surgery was done at a surgery center and all went very smoothly. After only a few weeks of physical therapy, my wrist feels better than it has felt in years. I'm grateful to Dr. Hoepfner for a very positive experience. I recommend Dr. Hoepfner to everyone.
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    Dr. Hoepfner performed surgery to repair my broken wrist. He has a calm, caring, and confident manner that we really appreciated. The surgery went perfectly and the recovery has been excellent. He and his team were punctual and efficient in every contact. The occupational therapy he recommended has helped me return to all of my previous activities. I was VERY pleased with Dr. Hoepfner and would enthusiastically recommend him.
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    Dr. Hoepfner and his team repaired my shattered elbow. There was nerve damage along with the shattered bone that slowed down my progress, but Dr. Hoepfner listened to my concerns and gave me recommendations that ultimately helped bring my entire arm back to life.
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    Was referred by my coworker - he is great! Punctual, accurate diagnosis, spends right amount of time and is very personable. Fixed a complicated injury in my arm and I am back to everything!
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    Dr Hoepfner removed hardware in my wrist and cleaned up the wrist removed bone chip and TCFF. he made a big difference in my day to day life as I'm able to do everything that I used to before I broke my wrist.
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    I tore my distal bicep tendon early 2015 i hyper extended my arm causing it to tear. i remained injured for 6 months until i decided to get surgery, my tendon was no longer good so Dr. Hoepfner suggested graphing Achilles tendon from a cadaver, 5 months later im back to my normal work outs. the best part is Dr. Hoepfner attentiveness and care for my surgery, he went as far as to cut along my tattoo sleeve to not ruin it which i thank him for greatly. i will always recommend Dr. Hoepfner.