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    Dr. Hoepfner did a fantastic job in fixing my painful wrist. I had a terrible case of tendonitis and he fixed me up better than new. I would highly recommend Dr. Hoepfner. He spends lots of time with you, answers questions in a very understandable manner, and gives you confidence. I can't recommend him highly enough!
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    Doc Hoepfner treated my banged-up elbow very well. He always knew what to do, and was extremely nice. This is a good doc!
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    I had so many problems trying to fix a "tennis elbow". My pain kept re-occurring - so badly I couldn't even brush my hair or shake hands with anyone. After 2 attempts with cortisone shots, I was a perfect case for surgery. Dr. Hoepfner said it would take 3 months to recover - and it did! Wow - elbow hasn't felt this good in a very long time. The surgery is not for everyone (I happened to be the small % that needed it!) Thanks Doc!
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    I really liked Dr. Hoepfner. He was thorough and kind and his nurse Jennifer is very knowledgeable and helpful. For all of my appointments, I was in and out very quickly. I would highly recommend him!
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    Dr. Hoepfner is one of the best orthopedic hand surgeons I have ever known. I had a very complex elbow injury, and he did a great job in reconstructing it. Highly recommend this doc!
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    I had a very positive experience with Dr. Hoepfner. My surgery went well and I was very satisfied with my results. He explained to me the procedure and he was the only doctor that told me that my growth wasn't what the other doctors thought it was. I am pain free and that was our goal.
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    My experience with Dr Hoepfner was completely positive. He took time to explain everything that would be happening during my surgery, and never made me feel rushed or pressured. Skill wise - he was great - I had multiple breaks in my wrist, and I was healed in 10 weeks after surgery!
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    As I walked in to the facility, I noticed that the waiting room was clean, and the reception staff was nice enough. When I met Dr. Hoepfner, he was very knowledgeable on my injury, and was very considerate. From the start, Dr. Hoepfner knew what to do with my situation, and he executed it very well. I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed this visit to the doctor!
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    Dr. Hoepfner was an excellent doctor for my multiple trigger finger release surgery. I had absolutely no pain with the surgery and my thumb was bending in the recovery room! He guided me after the surgery in hand therapy and what to do as well. I was so pleased that my hand was almost back to normal after the surgery and wish that I did not put it off for almost a year. I would recommend him to anyone with trigger fingers!!!
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    My mother suffered with carpal tunnel pain for several years. Before suggesting surgery, Dr Hoepfner gave her pred injections, which worked for a while. After about 1 1/2 yrs, surgery was the only chance for relief. The surgery was short, the recovery easy, and the outcome very successful. Dr Hoepfner was gentle, attentive, and took lots of care with her. We would HIGHLY recommend Dr Heopfner to anyone needing his expertise. Even if you have to wait for your appointment time, its usually because he is taking time with his patients....worth the wait.