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    This doctor embodies what you need in a surgeon - AND - he really cares about you and how you are recovering. I am a very active athlete and injured an important bone in my wrist years ago - it never healed. I researched the best and chose Dr. Hoepfner, who described a very complicated procedure and technique few hand surgeons actually perform, which is designed to give the bone better blood flow. The whole process from the office to surgery (great staff and facility), has been professional and smooth. I have healed and am back to everything! Dr. H is respected by his peers (other docs also spoke highly of him) and he really wants whats best for his patients - and he can deliver!
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    Very professional doctor. He truly listens, has empathy, and informs you on options in treatment. I had a complex issue with my elbow and wrist requiring reconstructive surgery - I am very pleased with the outcome. The doctor has a great team of therapists that really work closely with him and guide you in your recovery. Highly recommended!
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    I saw Dr. Hoepfner for elbow surgery. I had been struggling with a very painful case of "tennis elbow". I'm 3 months post-surgery and nearly pain free with most of range of motion returned. The doc is very good at explaining things, always calm and helpful.
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    Have Dupuytren's contracture. Fifteen minute procdure and walked out with full function of hand. VERY pleased with the result.
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    Performed elbow surgery on an old injury which resulted in rather substantial range of motion loss. Only 8 weeks after surgery I had regained full movement in my elbow. He did an amazing job, far above and beyond what I was expecting, I wasn't sure if my elbow would ever be how it once was but it is 100% now. Could not have been any happier with the care I received from Dr. Hoepfner and his staff. A+++++++
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    Dr. Hoepfner performed emergency surgery on my fingers. He was excellent and I have my fingers because of his excellent care. It has been a very long healing process and Dr Hoepfner has been there through the entire process, He hook me up with a great hand Therapist and they communicated weekly on my process. The team work to get me to my current condition was amazing. Fingers are working great considering the damage I did to them putting my hand where it does not belong.
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    I was referred to Dr. Hoepfner by another orthopedic surgeon to take care of severe stiffness and pain affecting my elbow after a previous fracture and treatment. Dr. Hoepfner explained in detail how we would go about fixing the problem and guiding me through my care. He clearly cares about his patients and loves what he does. My elbow now has full motion and I don't think twice about using it for everything. I couldn't be happier.
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    My friend Suzie told me Dr. Peter E. Hoepfner was the one to see about carpal tunnel problems and she was 110% right. On a scale of 1(low) to 10 (high) Dr. Hoepfner gets an Eleven He was very professional, straight forward, & informative about the surgery. After hearing numerous horror stories about carpal tunnel surgery I was apprehensive about the much-needed surgery However, to my surprise, the surgery to my left wrist went so well & it healed remarkably well in a short amount of time - that I had the right wrist done. With virtually no pain and only minor discomfort & no physical therapy â?? I know now that he was the right choice. I know everyone heals at his or her own rate â?? BUT in a matter of 12 weeks, both incision sites are healed & I have full function & sensitivity in both hands without pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Peter E. Hoepfner to anyone who needs carpal tunnel surgery.
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    Dr, Hoepfner repaired my tennis elbow (lateral epicondylectomy) on my left arm in 2012 and golf elbow (medial epicondylectomy) on my right arm in 2014. He is a gentle and caring professional. He took the time to listen to my issues and provide the correct diagnosis. He is not hasty to move to surgery and made sure I knew my options and risk profile. I can barely see the scar from the 2012 surgery and the scar from the 2014 surgery is well on its way to healing successfully. I would highly recommend Dr. Hoepfner to anyone with an upper extremity issue. He is an outstanding surgeon.
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    Dr. Hoepfner was wonderful. He performed excellent surgery on my fingers as well as being very kind & caring & honest about my prognosis. He explained everything very well & always spent plenty of time with me making sure I understood everything & my questions were answered. I highly recommend him as he is highly skilled & follows up with excellence.