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    I shattered my elbow doing yard work and Dr. Hoepfner worked on repairing the bone break but also the issues related to the crushed nerve from the accident. He is incredibly kind, thoughtful, and resourceful. He also works with a great team and put me in touch with amazing occupational therapists. He worked with me regarding my hesitations and fears with surgery and gave his recommendations in conjunction with my goals for my arm. I highly recommend Dr. Hoepfner!!
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    Pamela R

    I can not say enough about Dr. Hoepfner. His bedside manner is truly delightful. He is soft spoken and always has a smile on his face. Even going into surgery he had a kind, reassuring word for me. Before surgery, he called me to discuss and explain everything about my impending surgery. He talked to me in terms that were clear and easy to understand. His post-op care was fantastic. When seeing you he gives you his full attention and does not rush you. I give Dr. Hoepfner 5 stars.
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    My experience at IBJI and with Dr. Hoepfner was incredible!!! First off, when I came in his secretary was very welcoming and cheerful. The wait time was under 10 minutes so it was really quick!! I had come in with a carpel tunnel injury, and he treated it perfectly. I would recommend Dr. Hoepfner because he is patient, welcoming, and professional. Thank you so much doc!!
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    Lake F

    Great doctor and great staff
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    steve b

    Dr Hoepfner is a true professional, at every phase he made me feel comfortable and informed all the way up to , and including surgery. we all strive to be the best in life at what we do, well he is the best! i would recommend him to everyone i know. its neat to see a doctor that really cares about you.
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    Thorough in explanations and professional in his delivery of care. Dr. Hoepfner saw me through emergency surgery and the months following recovery. He listened attentively and showed compassion as I was readied for surgery and during the challenges of healing process. His staff were efficient and friendly. When you are able to say that an unexpected surgery is a positive experience, beginning to end, its clearly driven by a skilled surgeon!
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    Kathleen H

    I fell 1/28/16 completely crushing my wrist. Dr. Hoepfner literally performed a miracle on my arm. I have 2 metal plates and 25 pins and screws in my arm but it looks and feels normal now. The recovery was long. I am 71 and it takes me a little longer to heal than when younger. I received the very best care and follow up I believe it is possible to give. I am forever grateful to Dr. Hoepfner and recommend him with the highest praise.
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    M. Wong

    Dr. Hoepfner identified my issue on the first visit. I was given a cortisone shot, that resolved my trigger finger issue, and the pain was resolved and returned to normal in a couple of days. I would recommend him highly! He explained the issue and treatment very clearly. If I ever have any issue in the future, I would definitely see Dr. Hoepfner!
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    Dr Hoepfner was very nice and took time to talk to me about my injury. I had gone to see another doctor prior to seeing him and the other doctor dismissed my problems and told me to wait 6 more months to see if it would get better. I had shattered my wrist the year before but the hardware was bothering me. Dr. Hoepfner removed the hardware and cleaned up cartilage and bone chips from my wrist. It's great I'm back to using my wrist 100% pretty much with out pain.
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    Angie K

    Dr. Hoepfner performed surgery on my right wrist for tendinitis. He answered all my questions before and after surgery and was very easy to talk to. The pain in my wrist and thumb is gone and the incision is healing nicely.