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    Dr. Hoepfner had the task of putting my badly broken right wrist, and left elbow back together after I fell in September. Today is January 14, and I am completely healed. His surgical precision is second to none. I would trust him with anyone or anything. He knows what he’s doing.
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    Jay L

    I was treated for Bilateral Distal Bicep Rupture in both my arms. My results have been fantastic and have no limitations what so ever. Dr. Hoepfner's bedside manner was excellent. He seemed genuinely concerned about my injury and my path to recovery. I never felt rushed during an appointment. He answered every question I had and made me feel confident that I picked the right surgeon. His PA Leigha Carr was just as good and very helpful.
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    Susan C

    While it wasn't pleasant to have to deal with a fractured wrist, I was VERY pleased with the professional assistance provided by Dr. Hoepfner and Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. He performed surgery to repair my distal radius fracture. His demeanor was calm and caring. He and his team put me at ease. They explained all the details of the surgery and recovery, and provided all the post-surgical support I needed. I highly recommend Dr. Hoepfner.
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    Brandy W

    I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Huoepfner. His bedside manner speaks volumes in his character. He explained in detail all he was going to have to do to fix my elbow. I would recommend him a million times over.
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    Dr Hopfner takes his time with you and listens to all of your concerns. His PA is also excellent. They speak to you like you are family. Dr Hoepfner did an excellent job on my thumb surgery. I am glad I did it. After 2 1/2 months, I already have full mobility.
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    T. Loew

    Dr. Hoepfner cared for my shattered shoulder after a cycling crash. Everyone of my orthopaedic doctor friends recommended him for the kind of trauma I suffered and they deferred my care to him. His experience, wisdom and expertise gave me the option to avoid surgery, but he did have to monitor my healing closely. His excellent judgement to not perform surgery was best in my case and after a should 4 months post-comminuted Fx, I have full R.O.M. using my arm normally. A consummate pro Dr. !
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    Dr. Hoepfner worked closely with me to fix another surgeon's mistake. He followed up throughout the recovery and OT process, he included me in the next step decision making process as well. Dr. Hoepfner educated me on my options and collaborated with me to decide that another surgery would be best. His personality along with his expertise make him one of my very
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    Dr. Peter Hoepfner, MD was AMAZING! He removed a mass in my upper arm that was large and wrapped around my ulna nerve. Surgery took longer than expected, and when I woke up I had a Frankenstein like scar. The scar looks amazing today. It's been 7 weeks. The removal of the mass allowed me to continue life as normal. I highly recommend him. THANKS DR. HOEPFNER!
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    Vernon H

    Dr. Hoepfner was very personable in the office to me and my 18 year old daughter. Our visit resulted in having surgery, and he was able to schedule it the next day. I always felt he answered all our questions, and I never felt rushed in any appointments. His PA was just as wonderful.
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    Excellent bedside manner. SL Ligament repaired with ease.