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    I ruptured my distal tendon working out. Dr. Hoepfner was a second opinion for me, and am I glad I went to him. The first surgeon wanted to "anchor the tendon via stitches. Dr. Hoepfner suggested a button technique without the screw. The surgery was done within a week, and I have been in therapy for 6 weeks. I have 100% of my strength back and have surpassed previous Occupational therapy goals. The recovery time was amazing. Small scar that is fading. Highly recommended.
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    Annie Z

    Dr. Hoepfner is an excellent surgeon. I had elbow surgery this past February to repair/reattach a torn tendon. I suffered from this injury for a good year. I was so worried that it would not heal but I’m happy to say I have full use of my arm now and I’m so thankful that I chose Dr. Hoepfner. He explained everything to me, a few times and gave me the confidence to place my trust in him. I am also really grateful for his staff; PA Catherine Dinklenburg and MA Lesley Martinez were
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    Dr Hoepfner performed wrist surgery for me. He spent plenty of time with me on the original appointment and kept my husband informed immediately after surgery. His practice was clean, well staffed, and on-time. I'd highly recommend his services.
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    Jennifer M

    I saw Dr. Hoepfner for two years for advanced arthritis with bone spurs in my (CMC) right hand thumb base joint. He was very friendly, walked me through my x-rays, allowed me two cortisone shots (that really didn’t help with the pain) and explained in detail the surgery process. I was apprehensive about surgery, but I am so glad I had it. He was spot on about the recovery time and I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Hoepfner and his staff are amazing! Highly
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    Frank S

    I tore my distal bicep tendon clean off the bone in 2016. I selected Dr. Hoepfner based on reviews on this website and the fact that my procedure was reviewed by a previous patient. I would recommend Dr. Hoepfner 100% without hesitation. He knows is stuff, and speaks with you on a level that you will understand. He has a great bedside manor. His staff and team are great very professional and business like and treat you like family. 3 yrs. later my arm is stronger than before the accident.
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    I have been a patient of Dr. Hoepfner for two separate issues I had with my hands. In both cases I could not have been more pleased with the results. He was thorough in providing exactly what was being done and his explanation of why it was necessary, eliminating my fears. He is a caring doctor who I would not hesitate to seek his help.
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    Sherri S

    I am so grateful that I was referred to Dr. Hoepfner after sustaining a severe shoulder injury. I did not want to rush into surgery and instead of pushing me Dr Hoepfner gave me a time frame in which to decide. That time frame gave me the opportunity to see if my shoulder could heal on it's own and it did. I can't say enough about how much that meant to me. I had a good recovery of the use of my arm and shoulder after physical therapy. There are certain injuries where surgery is absolutely necessary, though, and I don't want to imply that surgeries can always be avoided.
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    Dr. Hoepfner, has done 2 separate surgeries on my right hand. The 1st one was to transfer a tendon from the 1st 2 fingers to the last 2 fingers which were completely useless. Then he replaced 4 knuckles on my right hand which were very damaged due to my severe RA. In my opinion he is an artist who has given me back the ability to use my right hand and lead a full life.
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    I went to Dr. Hoefner with the problem of losing feeling in my thumb, middle and ring finger. He said that surgery was the best option for the ulnar nerve and carpel tunnel . He did a wonderful job on the surgery and within six months I have all the feeling back in my fingers. He was always on time and very professional. Did not have to wait long for the appointments.
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    Brian H

    Dr Hoephner is a wonderful doctor. I am very pleased with his knowledge, and my experience. He has performed three surgeries on my wrist, to help it get back to normal, following a fall and subsequent break of the scaphoid. He performed a vascular bone graft, that saved the bone, and allowed it to heal normally.